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Youth Action Network's educational program offers inclusive, engaging, interactive workshops designed for youth, educators and community leaders, covering topics that include gender, race, poverty and inequality, community engagement, Canadian Indigenous issues, leadership and advocacy, and environmental justice.  Our workshops work to engage youth in issues that are relevant, provocative and important to them, in a safe, educational environment that puts emphasis on dialogue and debate.


The Education department’s curriculum is constructed to deliver both one-off workshops as well as long term learning series’, and we work in part with the Propeller department to identify and develop education around what is relevant for youth and where there are gaps in social justice education, advocacy, and community development and engagement. Our goal is to provide youth with the toolkits, language, and skills to create change in their communities.


With a focus on social justice, anti-oppression and community empowerment, YAN’s signature youth conference, Ruckus! brings together youth, keynote speakers, and workshop facilitators to discuss different issues experienced by and important to youth locally and internationally. Ruckus! has the potential to foster and spark change in youth locally and globally, and to offer networks, resources, and connections to our participants.